Great Bar Design

Top 10 tips for a great bar design

When putting together a great bar design it is vital that you keep a few things in mind. Trendy bar design can be the difference between a bar that is a big hit, and one that is barely turning a profit each month. Here are ten things you should consider when creating your bar design.

Open and Welcoming

First of all, you want a bar that is open and welcoming to your guests. You want them to feel like they’re invited so that they will venture in through the doors the first time – and then return for a second.

Unique Niche

When scheming up design plans for your bar you want to make sure that you come up with a niche theme. Something that is unique to you so that you stand out from other competitors. Sometimes a simple, personal idea is all it takes but avoid the temptation to go cheesy.

Modern and Sleek

If you want to seem like a forward-thinking bar that will attract young professionals, then you may want to go with a modern and sleek décor theme. Blacks and whites are timeless and almost never fail.

Comfy and Historic

On the other hand, if you are going for a more hipster vibe then you may want to stick to wood, and historical building space that is accented by your design. Rustic themes are a great way to create a cosy pub atmosphere.

Incorporate Menus into Design

If you can, try to make your menus tie in decoratively with the theme of your bar design. It seems like a small detail, but it is one that most people will remember. Just close your eyes and think of your favourite restaurant – then you can probably see what we mean!

Accessible Bar Spaces

Everyone has been to a bar where you have to pack in around a limited space that seems buried into the corner of the room. Consider an island bar to open up the space, and allow people some room to breathe while getting their drinks.

Open Seating Plans

When it comes to the layout of your bar, you want to make sure that there are plenty of accessible bar spaces. Open floor plans that have scattered tables with bar stools tend to work better than the alternatives.

Open Air Seating

If you can swing an outdoor seating area in a garden or on the rooftop you will instantly score points with most bar patrons. There is something about a pint under the stars that just feels right!

Clean and Modern Bathrooms

Some bars are let down very badly by their facilities, but just offering clean modern bathrooms can be enough to have your bar design noted by patrons, who’ll be more likely to make it a regular stop.

Stage Space

Finally, consider allowing room for a stage, even if there aren’t plans for live performances. A stage simply makes a bar feel trendier, and it leaves room for future events.

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