Interior Bar Design Process

1. Initial Contact

After confirming your location get in touch with us via our Contact Form or send us an email to including any plans along with several photos of the area in question. Call our office to talk directly with our designers and to ask any questions you feel relevant.

Intec Design will forward you our questionnaire, this will help us produce the pub/function room/hotel reception/night-club that is right for you and your location.

2. Concept Stage

The start of the process would involve a detailed concept plan produced by Intec along with a 3D perspective drawing showing the new pub when complete.

(a)    Concept plan is an initial drawing outlining how you can maximise your area for customer experience and profitability. This will show the possible layout for the new project and allows you to input ideas and wishes for the design.

(b) 3D Perspective Drawing is the second part of the concept stage. 3D Perspectives offer you the chance to see how the project may look and Intec can now offer 3D videos to walk you through the design, literally step by step. Great for showing stakeholders how the new design may look at completion. See our Concepts

3. Builder’s Drawings

Intec will next develop your Detailed Builders Drawings, designed to enable the fit out of the pub to be priced and built accurately by the builder or shopfitter.

All design features are shown accurately with elevations of all the walls provided to scale. Floors, ceilings, electrical layouts are given to convey the complete design package. Light fittings are selected and all details provided.

Additional to this Intec provide a full-colour scheme with chosen furniture and fabrics. A paint schedule is produced for the painter, which shows each surface colour.

Exterior Elevations

Intec Design offer expert advice on Exterior Elevations. Should you wish to freshen up or maybe even restyle the exterior, Intec will develop drawings to greatly improve your building. Beer Gardens and Outdoor Areas are now more important than ever for the success of a pub, restaurant or café. This is an area of expertise within the Intec Design team.


Bar design drawings

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