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With several award-winning venues with a range of characteristics and design styles, we’re proud to have worked across several sectors. Take a look though our interior design projects and get in touch if you would like to discuss more.


We’ve worked around the globe but started our journey in Belfast, Ireland and have a deep understanding of how Irish design should work to compliment a brand and venue. After several decades we’ve expanded into Europe, the UK and now are also offering remote work across the globe. See some of our latest work and get in touch.

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We recently completed the design and refurbishment of “Thirteen on the Green” in Galway. Formerly known as Garvey’s Bar, this Victorian style pub needed an uplift. The main changes to the design included the creation of a new overhead display cabinet, a new cocktail bar, new lighting and a new tin tile ceiling.

Davy Mac’s Bar, nestled in the heart of Waterford, Ireland, boasts cosy interiors with warm wood furnishings and traditional Irish decor. The ambience is lively, filled with laughter and live music. Patrons enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, savouring pints of Guinness amidst the welcoming charm of this beloved local establishment.

Nancy Spain’s in Shoreditch, London, boasts a chic and eclectic design, blending vintage charm with modern flair. Its cosy interior features exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and retro furnishings, creating a welcoming ambience. The vibrant neighbourhood adds to the lively atmosphere, making it a favourite for locals and visitors alike.

Ben Madigan’s Bar & Kitchen, Belfast boasts Victorian architecture juxtaposed with modern amenities. Cobblestone streets wind through lively markets, pubs, and cultural hubs. Parks provide green respites amidst the urban bustle. The River Lagan flows, reflecting the city’s history and vitality. It’s a blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy.

The Boathouse Redcastle boasts a picturesque design nestled amidst serene natural surroundings. Its charming architecture blends seamlessly with the tranquil waterside ambience, offering guests a serene escape. With panoramic views of the river and lush greenery, it’s an idyllic retreat for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Intec Design, headquartered in Belfast, specializes in interior design projects for various establishments, including bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and offices, not just in Belfast but also beyond. Our seasoned team offers comprehensive design and fitting services tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, guiding clients from conceptualization to execution.

We excel in crafting bespoke interior design solutions that not only capture the essence of each establishment’s unique ambience but also fulfil its functional requirements. With extensive experience in designing for bars, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels, our professional services extend across Ireland, Europe, and globally. Over the past year, our interior design projects have spanned from Portugal to Germany, Italy, and Spain, showcasing our versatility and international reach.

Whether you’re located in Galway, Dublin, London, New York, or any other city, our proficient team of interior designers and fitters is prepared to elevate your business. Expanding our presence into mainland Europe, we’ve completed interior design projects, including bar designs and restaurant renovations, in prominent cities such as Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Rome, demonstrating our commitment to excellence wherever our clients are located.