Interior Design Work in Ireland

Our Design work in Ireland

For over 35 years, Intec Design has been a prominent figure in interior design in Ireland’s hospitality sector. Our expertise enables clients to transform their spaces, offering services from concept to construction. We specialise in optimal bar layouts, bespoke furniture, fit out designs, and complete interior packages. Our portfolio includes award-winning projects like The Left Bank in Kilkenny and Davy Mac’s in Waterford, recognised for excellence in design and functionality. These achievements underscore our commitment to innovation and quality in every project we undertake.

The 4* Diamond Coast Hotel is located in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. The client requested a new Hotel Dining Room design to improve the aesthetics and to have options for small and large groups of people due to the popularity of the area for family holidays and groups or tourists.
The Big Tree Tavern located on Dorset Street, not far from Croke Park GAA Stadium is one of most famous pubs in Dublin with a tavern at the site since 1543. During the construction of the Dublin One Hotel The pub was closed, the old interior of the pub was removed and the footprint reduced. The Architecturally significant exterior was all that remained of the Big Tree Tavern.
Maeve's Bar in Sligo combines contemporary elegance with rustic charm, showcasing reclaimed wood accents and industrial lighting. Earthy tones evoke warmth, complemented by plush furnishings for a welcoming ambience. The strategic layout encourages social interaction, while subtle nods to local culture add character. A harmonious blend of style and comfort define this inviting space.
Breaffy House Hotel embodies refined elegance, blending classic charm with contemporary comfort. Its interiors boast timeless sophistication, characterised by intricate details and luxurious furnishings. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the hotel harmonises with its environment, seamlessly integrating nature's beauty into its design, creating a serene retreat for discerning guests.
Abbey Court Hotel Bar exudes sophistication with its sleek, contemporary design featuring rich textures and subtle lighting. The ambience seamlessly blends modern elegance with historical charm, offering patrons a refined setting to unwind. Its thoughtfully curated environment invites guests to indulge in refined tastes and convivial conversations.
Ben Madigan's Bar & Kitchen, Belfast boasts Victorian architecture juxtaposed with modern amenities. Cobblestone streets wind through lively markets, pubs, and cultural hubs. Parks provide green respites amidst the urban bustle. The River Lagan flows, reflecting the city's history and vitality. It's a blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy.