Interior Design for Bars

Interior Design for Bars

Our team of innovative designers and interior architects is dedicated to crafting distinctive and captivating bar designs, specialising in interior design for bars. We excel in creating various themes such as whiskey bars, gin bars, speakeasy bars, and traditional bars featuring cosy snug areas. Understanding our clients’ preferences, we often preserve the traditional public bar and lounge bar spaces while enhancing them with upgrades that maintain their inviting ambience. Key elements such as the layout of bar counters, seating arrangements, screens, and the integration of high-quality, comfortable furniture, along with warm lighting, are crucial in achieving a successful interior design for bars. Some venues have gone on to win awards. See all our projects here.

Davy Mac’s Bar, nestled in the heart of Waterford, Ireland, boasts cosy interiors with warm wood furnishings and traditional Irish decor. The ambience is lively, filled with laughter and live music. Patrons enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, savouring pints of Guinness amidst the welcoming charm of this beloved local establishment.

Nancy Spain’s in Shoreditch, London, boasts a chic and eclectic design, blending vintage charm with modern flair. Its cosy interior features exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and retro furnishings, creating a welcoming ambience. The vibrant neighbourhood adds to the lively atmosphere, making it a favourite for locals and visitors alike.

Tigin Galway embodies a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and traditional Irish elements, capturing the essence of Galway’s vibrant culture. Rich textures, earthy tones, and intricate Celtic motifs adorn the space, creating an inviting ambience. Sustainable materials and energy-efficient lighting further enhance the eco-conscious environment, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Ben Madigan’s Bar & Kitchen, Belfast boasts Victorian architecture juxtaposed with modern amenities. Cobblestone streets wind through lively markets, pubs, and cultural hubs. Parks provide green respites amidst the urban bustle. The River Lagan flows, reflecting the city’s history and vitality. It’s a blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy.

Maeve’s Bar in Sligo combines contemporary elegance with rustic charm, showcasing reclaimed wood accents and industrial lighting. Earthy tones evoke warmth, complemented by plush furnishings for a welcoming ambience. The strategic layout encourages social interaction, while subtle nods to local culture add character. A harmonious blend of style and comfort define this inviting space.

McCarthy’s Irish Pub Prague exudes authentic charm with its cosy, traditional Irish design featuring dark wood furnishings, stained glass windows, and an inviting fireplace. Patrons revel in the lively atmosphere, enjoying hearty pub fare and a wide selection of Irish brews, all set against the backdrop of friendly banter and live music.

We recently completed the design and refurbishment of “Thirteen on the Green” in Galway. Formerly known as Garvey’s Bar, this Victorian style pub needed an uplift. The main changes to the design included the creation of a new overhead display cabinet, a new cocktail bar, new lighting and a new tin tile ceiling.

The Big Tree Tavern located on Dorset Street, not far from Croke Park GAA Stadium is one of most famous pubs in Dublin with a tavern at the site since 1543. During the construction of the Dublin One Hotel The pub was closed, the old interior of the pub was removed and the footprint reduced. The Architecturally significant exterior was all that remained of the Big Tree Tavern.

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