Tag: Private Housing

This spacious luxury residence sits on the outskirts of Carlingford village. Its substantial stone walls and pillars echo the ancient architecture for which Carlingford is renowned. Yet, the fusion of rendered walls, expansive glazing, and a raised balcony adds a modern flair to these classic elements. Among its notable amenities are a bar and a hot tub and spa area with stunning views of Carlingford Lough.
This luxurious split-level home offers a top-floor living area boasting breathtaking views of Carlingford Lough. Encircling the living space is an L-shaped balcony, partially sheltered by the pitched roof, providing a versatile outdoor area usable throughout the year. The exterior walls, pillars, and planters are crafted from locally sourced Knobber stone, complemented by salvaged imperial brick around certain hardwood-framed windows.