Tag: Irish Pub

Nancy Spain's in Shoreditch, London, boasts a chic and eclectic design, blending vintage charm with modern flair. Its cosy interior features exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and retro furnishings, creating a welcoming ambience. The vibrant neighbourhood adds to the lively atmosphere, making it a favourite for locals and visitors alike.
Auld Millhouse Switzerland features timeless Alpine charm with its rustic timber architecture blending seamlessly into the picturesque surroundings. Nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, it offers tranquillity and serenity. The design exudes warmth and comfort, inviting guests to unwind and embrace the natural beauty of Switzerland.
We recently completed the design and refurbishment of “Thirteen on the Green” in Galway. Formerly known as Garvey's Bar, this Victorian style pub needed an uplift. The main changes to the design included the creation of a new overhead display cabinet, a new cocktail bar, new lighting and a new tin tile ceiling.
Tigin Galway embodies a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and traditional Irish elements, capturing the essence of Galway's vibrant culture. Rich textures, earthy tones, and intricate Celtic motifs adorn the space, creating an inviting ambience. Sustainable materials and energy-efficient lighting further enhance the eco-conscious environment, ensuring a memorable dining experience.
A chic haven in Vilamoura Marina, blending modern luxury with timeless charm. Savour expertly crafted cocktails, intimate ambiance, and picturesque views for an unforgettable nightlife experience.