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In the thriving Irish hospitality market, achieving captivating interiors is crucial, and it all starts with thoughtful interior design. Achieving a successful hotel interior design is a multifaceted endeavour, furniture and lighting are key elements to creating spaces that leave a lasting impression. From banquette seating to contemporary lounge chairs, side chairs and tub chairs; the choice of luxurious and comfortable furniture sets the tone for a memorable experience.
The 4* Diamond Coast Hotel is located in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. The client requested a new Hotel Dining Room design to improve the aesthetics and to have options for small and large groups of people due to the popularity of the area for family holidays and groups or tourists.
Breaffy House Hotel embodies refined elegance, blending classic charm with contemporary comfort. Its interiors boast timeless sophistication, characterised by intricate details and luxurious furnishings. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the hotel harmonises with its environment, seamlessly integrating nature's beauty into its design, creating a serene retreat for discerning guests.
Abbey Court Hotel Bar exudes sophistication with its sleek, contemporary design featuring rich textures and subtle lighting. The ambience seamlessly blends modern elegance with historical charm, offering patrons a refined setting to unwind. Its thoughtfully curated environment invites guests to indulge in refined tastes and convivial conversations.
Nestled amidst the tranquil landscape of Northern Ireland, Sixteen 22 at Beech Hill Country House Hotel emerges as a testament to timeless elegance and refined sophistication. As the designers behind this exquisite space, we endeavoured to encapsulate the essence of luxury intertwined with the rich history of the estate.
Nestled within the serene landscape, Beech Hill Country House harmoniously blends timeless elegance with natural elements. Its interior design features refined furnishings, muted palettes, and bespoke accents, creating an ambience of understated sophistication. Large windows invite the picturesque surroundings indoors, fostering a tranquil retreat for discerning guests.