Design & Build


Once the design and quotation is agreed upon for your Bar, hotel or restaurant, contracts are signed and the detailed design of the pub and manufacturing process commences.
At the same time, the client commences preparation of the shell and retains local building contractors to carry out this work. Shell work consists of such items as the following:

  • Removal of all existing fixtures and fittings and all other demolition works.
  • Form all new walls and floor surface as required.
  • Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning to code (HVAC).
  • Plumbing works.
  • Form and install kitchens, toilets and keg cold room, stores etc.
  • Install fire detection and sprinklers.
  • Install all bar equipment i.e. sinks, bottle coolers, bar taps, glass washers, remote beer system.
    These may need to be installed in conjunction with our pub fitters and the new counter and back counter.
  • Installation of electrics first fix.
  • Architects fees.
  • Managers office set up.
  • Point of sale system.
  • Audio/ visual system.

Types of service

The “hassle free” nature of our design and build service appeals to many pub operators around the world. We do however provide some varieties of this service to clients who process the skills and where withal to co-ordinate certain aspects of the construction process. Some commonly used options are as follows;
Design and Manufacture only with local Fit Out
In this scenario Intec Design will design the entire pub here in Ireland, build it here, then transport it to the pub site where its installed locally with Intec Designs guidance.

Design Only

In this scenario Intec Design can provide a range of design services, whereby the project is designed here in Ireland but manufactured and installed locally.

Timescale & Cost

From contact to completion, the turnaround time is normally approximately eighteen weeks, this would vary on the size of the project. This would include the preparation of concept and detailed drawings, the manufacture of the pub fixtures, fittings, shipping and final fit out. The cost of any pub depends on a number of factors, the size of the pub, the design style, the configuration of major cost elements such a pub front, bar counter and back counter.
A fixed price can only be given once a design proposal has been prepared, but in practice, Intec Design normally designs a pub to match the clients budget.