The World’s Ten Most Popular Beers

No matter what time of year it is, there are millions – billions even – of people who appreciate a decent beer once in a while. This noble beverage is, according to some sources, the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Whether it’s a drink after work, a Friday night with mates, or a cool drink when you’re on holiday, beer is a favourite in many countries of the world – so what are the most popular brands?

You might be surprised to find that none of our well-known local beers actually make the list…

1. Snow

Northern Europeans are famed for their beer drinking, but, strange as it may seem, four of the ten most popular beers in the world are actually from China. One in every twenty beers that is drunk across the world is a Chinese drink named Snow beer. According to some analysts, this particular beer equals five percent of the sales of beer globally.

2. Tsingtao

The beer that rates second place in the list of most popular beers is also Chinese. The beer is called Tsingtao and it holds 2.8% of the world beer sales, being widely available outside China. Next on the list of the most popular beers are American varieties…

3 & 4. Bud Light and Budweiser

Both Budweiser and Bud Light, hugely popular American beers, come third and fourth on the list. Bud light takes 2.4% of global beer sales and Budweiser 2.3% of the market.

5. Skol

If you thought, as some of us did, that Skol was a popular European beer, it’s actually brewed, and drunk by many, in Brazil. Skol has 2.2% of global beer sales.

6. Yanjing

In again with the sixth most popular beer in the world is China and its Yanjing, which has 1.5% of the global sales of beer.

7. Heineken

While a fair amount of Heineken beer is drunk in Britain, the company is in the Netherlands. Like number six, Heineken holds a further 1.5% of the world’s beer sales.

8. Harbin

Harbin is yet another Chinese beer, again holding 1.5% of the market. As China has a much larger population than most other beer loving countries, this probably explains the ubiquitous nature of their beers in this list!

9. Brahma

Brazil comes in for a second time with Brahma beer, and a further 1.5% of global beer sales.

10. Coors Light

Finally, although it’s bottom of this list, the American Coors Light still holds a respectable 1.3% of the world market.