Successful hotel redesign

Keys to a successful hotel redesign

If you want to create a buzz, and draw in more guests while attracting publicity for your hotel, one great way to do so is by taking action, and refurbishing it or redesigning it. A great place to start is the lobby, since this is the first place that people see when they enter your establishment. Just like a book, first impressions tend to last, and are created within seconds. Therefore, you want to make sure that your hotel lobby has an immediate impact on guests, by being both vibrant and functional. After you grab guests’ attention, you can continue to boost their perception with a similar reflection of your style in the rest of the hotel design.

At its most basic, the lobby of a hotel is the hub and main circulation spot, but today’s guests expect a lobby to be a social area as well. It used to be that areas were split into their own sections and corners, but these days guests expect large, wide open spaces that encourage social interaction. It is very common for the business centre, games room, bar, lounge, and restaurant to run into each other across a wide space that varies slightly by design, as each new area is entered, instead of by being walled off.

Why Redesign?

Of course, the quintessential question is why a redesign is needed right now? Operators, brands, and developers all benefit by choosing to redesign their lobbies to meet popular expectations because doing so can increase the bottom line as well. When areas are separated, guests have to choose to enter the bar or the games room. However, when the lobby becomes one large area that gently blends into each sub-area, guests can easily wander in and out of various sections. In addition, if the social possibilities are obvious, guests are more likely to spend time in the lobby.

More time in the lobby means a greater chance of choosing to purchase something. Increased beverage and food sales are a great way for a hotel to increase its profit from every single guest. In addition, your offerings will look even better to guests that choose the social areas of the lobby to relax or work. The lobby should be a welcoming place for guests who want to get out of their rooms without leaving the hotel. A hotel redesign can easily help turn the major public area into the most utilized area of the building.