Hotel Interior Design

Growing trends in hotel interior design

Modern design is about being engaging and interactive instead of simply soothing, and as a result, many hotels are choosing to change their interior design. Today’s hospitality scene is focused on creating personalised experiences for every guest, and hotel owners are rising to meet the challenge. The following are some of the most successful hotel interior design trends of this year.

Surprising Guestrooms

Anyone who travels frequently knows the standard configuration of a hotel room; one or two beds, desk, TV, and maybe a sofa. It is so standard that it has ceased to be inviting, which is why hotel owners are taking it up a notch with the aim to create surprises in hotel guestrooms. Creative hotels are easy enough to spot by using TV panels, eclectic décor, or curved furniture as opposed standard dressings.

Social Spaces Instead of Lobby Space

Guests expect more out of hotel lobbies these days. As more and more people look for social outlets while travelling, they want a casual space that encourages this. Lobbies can’t compete using just a few sofas and coffee tables. Today it is expected that the space will be used creatively, in order to be functional, unique, welcoming and comfortable. By creating open spaces with different areas and themes throughout the lobby, guests can take advantage of all the hotel’s amenities seamlessly.

Destination Hotels

Reading through any hotel amenities list can get boring really quickly, which is why the practical side of a hotel is no longer the way to sell it. Instead, hotels want to focus on creating memorable spaces and exotic design. Themes are a great way to create a destination hotel; another great option is by creating exceptional outdoor areas and gardens.

Spa in the Room

It’s no surprise when a guestroom has a bathroom, but it is a surprise when the bathroom offers you much more then you get at home. Everyone has a toilet and a shower, but not everyone has waterfall showers, oversized walk-in bathtubs, oversized towels, and large open spaces. By creating spacious bathrooms that resemble a spa, guests will have one more reason to choose your hotel over others. A stay at a hotel should be an experience, and vamping up a bathroom is one way to enhance that experience.

Green, Inside and Out

Right now sustainability is a serious issue for businesses and consumers, so it is only wise that hotels also consider it. There are great ways to be more green, such as adding oversized windows that allow more natural lighting use, using low energy electronics and white goods, even installing rooftop kitchen gardens; and by placing recycling bins at accessible points for guests. Plus, a hotel that is known for being green is bound to gain clientele for that reason.