Hotel Bedroom Design Ireland

Trends for 2016 Hotel Bedroom Design

When it comes to hotel bedroom design, experts agree that this year will see a mix of traditional, retro, and classic elements. Colour schemes will generally be bolder than of late, and may incorporate ethnic elements and a mixture of textures. This may be a reaction to what might be termed the McDonaldisation of some hotel chains.

Colour and Texture

Designers will be looking at mixing bold colours and different textures to make hotel rooms more individual and interesting. Interior hotel design will tend towards classic luxury with sustainable materials and fabrics. Many people still think of a hotel stay as an expensive luxury, which means they are more likely to appreciate hotel owners’ luxurious touches. Floors of marble and huge chandeliers in public areas are the kind of things that people associate with luxury, and luxury is forecast to be a huge trend this year.

An Individual Experience

The coming year really does make the customer king. A personalised service is on the agenda for the coming year, ensuring that guests have a unique experience. Bedroom Furniture needs to be comfortable as well as combining high style and luxury fabrics; it’s down to making the customer feel special. Many people view staying in a hotel as a treat, and 2016 is the year when hotel managers will ensure that this treat is special, and one to remember.

Feeling Good

Making the customer feel good about the hotel and about themselves means that top hotels will have spa or gymnasium facilities. Healthy food cooked in unique ways is about getting the customer to feel that their health will benefit from a hotel stay. Spas have long been a favourite of female customers, as it gives them a chance to feel pampered as well as healthier.

Staying Connected

We are living in a technological age. Customers will want to stay connected while they are away, which makes free and consistent Wi-Fi essential, as well as the facility to print documents. A growing number of hotels now provide specific areas where customers can check their email and catch up on any important tasks.

Ecologically Friendly

As stated earlier there is a growing trend this year towards sustainability. Furniture and soft furnishings must not only be luxurious and comfortable, they must be hardwearing, and where possible, ecologically sourced. While long lasting furniture and soft furnishings may be expensive at the outset, in the final analysis this trend will enable hotel owners to cut their future costs. For the last few years hotel owners have become increasingly aware of environmental issues. There should be natural lighting and light shutoffs wherever possible. Most customers are developing an ecological awareness, and will appreciate features that help to reduce their carbon footprint.