Essentials for Hotels

Essentials for hotels – What every hotel should offer its customers.

Every good hotel aspires to be the best of its class. If you are attempting to create a top hotel then you will want to read over this list of essentials for hotels and their owners. You want to make sure that you can check off most of this list if you want to keep your hotel on top of the highly sought after “places to stay” lists. Some of these things seem basic, but a surprising number of hotels cannot provide them – much to the frustration of their clientele.

First on the list are power outlets by the bed. It seems like this should be standard, but in many cases it is not. In some twin rooms, one bed may offer an outlet while the other does not, which can also be frustrating. In a world where mobile phones are the centre of everyone’s universe, an outlet to charge it near the bed should be a given.

Next on the list is storage, which seems like an odd request for a hotel that should be able and willing to work with the needs of travellers. Many people love to unpack just a little during a stay, but hangers that do not come off the clothes rail can make this task harder. Sometimes there isn’t even a suitable place to put clothes or shoes, and the bathroom may lack space for personal toiletries, which many guests will find irritating.

When it comes to the comfort of guests, you’d think that some hotels could take a few additional steps, such as offering extra towels and free Wi-Fi. It seems odd in this day and age that wired internet can be free in some hotels, whereas you have to pay for Wi-Fi, but it is true in many establishments, and it’s extremely annoying for most guests.

Another basic comfort item is blackout curtains. People who travel often have jet lag and other sleep issues. With this in mind, blackout curtains are very logical and a much better choice than the sheer curtains that seem to be a fixture in many rooms.

Finally, hotels should consider placing a safety deposit box in all guest rooms, instead of just offering to place sensitive documents in a safe near the lobby. Some things that guests may need on a regular basis, such as a passport, are often preferred close to their person. A safety deposit box is a small thing that can help your guests feel better while they are out of their room.

If you are looking to redesign your hotel, get in touch with the Intec Design team so you are guided through the process smoothly and you don’t miss any essentials.