What are the Outdoor Dining Regulations in Ireland?

Outdoor Dining has become the main topic of discussion in the hospitality sector. Many businesses in Northern Ireland have reopened but unfortunately some businesses were not compliant with the covid regulations and had to postpone their opening. Many in Ireland have been looking on with interest and are keen to avoid the same complications.

When is Outdoor Dining Reopening in Ireland?

It’s been reported that the week of the 24th May will see the go-ahead for outdoor dining

Offering Outdoor Dining in Ireland

  • Compliance with Fire and Health and Safety Regulations
  • €4,000 Grant scheme offered to Hospitality and Tourism businesses to recoup expenses on outdoor furniture, canopies, awnings, etc. Organised by Failte Ireland link to site
  • Substantial meal no longer required (no distinction between gastropub and bars)
  • Liaise with council to obtain relevant licensing
  • Intec Design can guide you through the processes and design fully compliant outdoor areas. Contact info@intecdesign.ie or Tel: +353 (0)1 823 4999 / Mob: +353 (0)87 642 7320

Smoking ban when reopening for Outdoor Dining 2021?

Outdoor dining regulations have been aligned with tobacco control regulations (Public Health Act 2002) which stipulates that areas with more than 50% of their walls enclosed must be smoke free. Table service, designated seating, provision of contact details for track and trace and face masks in public areas will be in place. A knock on effect of table service only is that Minster for Health Simon Harris has suggested the government are considering making outdoor areas smoke free when they reopen. This is to protect staff from second hand smoke.

Outdoor Dining Design

Intec Design offer an outdoor dining design package that includes a compliant outdoor layout and also detailed section and elevation drawings. Awnings, stretch tents, pergolas, retractable roofing systems, parasols etc. can be an expensive addition so its best to use reputable commercial grade products and fitters and to have a compliant design. Consideration must be given to location, many businesses in Dublin and cities around Ireland need to work with their council to offer seating in streets. It’s crucial to have an informed plan to take to your local council representatives to open for outdoor dining in Ireland.

Beer Garden Design

The demand for outdoor areas and Beer Gardens has greatly increased as a result of Covid. Outdoor dining is seen by many as a safer option and with current plans for Northern Irish pubs, restaurants and hotels to reopen after Easter 2021, interest in outdoor spaces is booming.

It’s important to get the right beer garden design for your space, every area is different. Beer gardens/smoking areas/roof terraces are a huge selling point but there are important factors to consider. Customers at Irish Beer Gardens now expect a level of comfort so its important to get the right layout that offers the best mix of shelter, heat, comfort and entertainment and is compliant with Tobacco Control and Fire and Disability regulations.

PJ O Hare’s Bar is the most popular bar in Carlingford and has a fantastic beer garden that is busy throughout the year. The cottage style of the adjoining buildings, fantastic hanging flower baskets, bench tables, famous live music and retractable roof all make for a great experience. Similar past projects include Clarkes Bar Drogheda, Odd Mollies Drogheda, Lynches Tullamore and the recently opened Square Bar, Portlaoise.

Irish Pubs abroad usually require a different type of beer garden design. These beer gardens are often at the front of a premises and if done correctly will entice people in. In very hot climates it is important to have sufficient shade. We designed and built “The Brewery” in Vilamoura Portugal that has a very impressive beer garden and large water wheel feature. The Irish Pub concept is always a popular choice throughout Europe and further afield. The use of painted signage, salvaged style timbers and the right mix of furniture, finishes and colours led to another successful beer garden design.

World’s Ten Most Popular Beers

The World’s Ten Most Popular Beers

No matter what time of year it is, there are millions – billions even – of people who appreciate a decent beer once in a while. This noble beverage is, according to some sources, the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Whether it’s a drink after work, a Friday night with mates, or a cool drink when you’re on holiday, beer is a favourite in many countries of the world – so what are the most popular brands?

You might be surprised to find that none of our well-known local beers actually make the list…

1. Snow

Northern Europeans are famed for their beer drinking, but, strange as it may seem, four of the ten most popular beers in the world are actually from China. One in every twenty beers that is drunk across the world is a Chinese drink named Snow beer. According to some analysts, this particular beer equals five percent of the sales of beer globally.

2. Tsingtao

The beer that rates second place in the list of most popular beers is also Chinese. The beer is called Tsingtao and it holds 2.8% of the world beer sales, being widely available outside China. Next on the list of the most popular beers are American varieties…

3 & 4. Bud Light and Budweiser

Both Budweiser and Bud Light, hugely popular American beers, come third and fourth on the list. Bud light takes 2.4% of global beer sales and Budweiser 2.3% of the market.

5. Skol

If you thought, as some of us did, that Skol was a popular European beer, it’s actually brewed, and drunk by many, in Brazil. Skol has 2.2% of global beer sales.

6. Yanjing

In again with the sixth most popular beer in the world is China and its Yanjing, which has 1.5% of the global sales of beer.

7. Heineken

While a fair amount of Heineken beer is drunk in Britain, the company is in the Netherlands. Like number six, Heineken holds a further 1.5% of the world’s beer sales.

8. Harbin

Harbin is yet another Chinese beer, again holding 1.5% of the market. As China has a much larger population than most other beer loving countries, this probably explains the ubiquitous nature of their beers in this list!

9. Brahma

Brazil comes in for a second time with Brahma beer, and a further 1.5% of global beer sales.

10. Coors Light

Finally, although it’s bottom of this list, the American Coors Light still holds a respectable 1.3% of the world market.