Hotel Dining Room Design at Diamond Coast Hotel, Enniscrone Co. Sligo

The 4* Diamond Coast Hotel is located in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. The client requested a new Hotel Dining Room design to improve the aesthetics and to have options for small and large groups of people due to the popularity of the area for family holidays and groups or tourists.

Hotel Dining Room Design

The following items were designed by Intec Design and built either on site or in a workshop by the contractor and suppliers

  1. New Bar counters; the existing bar counter location was retained due to existing links to other bar counters. The new bar counters have a striking anthracite paint colour that contrasts with the gold infusion in the antique mirror, brass wall lights and brass features such as the new glass rack.

2. New open shelving used to break up the room and frame a new raised floor area that greatly improved the seating layout. The open shelving was filled with interesting bric-a-brac and the posts carry new decorative brass light fittings

3. New curved booth seating, low level lighting, wall panelling and tile feature walls have transformed the room and provided plenty of interesting design features to enhance the guests dining experience.

See video of curved booth seating and open shelving:

How to design a restaurant for both large and small groups

Often clients will ask us how to design their hotel or restaurant seating to cater for both small and large groups. For this hotel dining room design we created a number of long banquette seats with 2 seater and 4 seater tables. These tables can be moved together to accommodate large groups that wish to sit together. We also formed curved booth seats for up to 6 people that offer a unique dining experience. The use of screens and open shelving throughout the room helps create a welcoming atmosphere and high quality seating options throughout.

Before Photos:

Bar Design to improve your business

Bar Design to improve your business

What a great bar design could mean for your business

Traditional Irish Bar design WaterfordA great bar design is absolutely crucial to the success of any bar, hotel or restaurant business. Walk-in, one-time customers can become loyal regulars, if the design of your bar (along with the customer service that they are provided with while in attendance, of course) is conducive to the cultivation of a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

A bar’s design and the ambience it creates as a result, is vital to generating that sensation of comfort and homeliness. The feel and look of a bar, including the right lighting, and even the bar glass types used, should be a central part of your bar marketing strategy – it really is that important!

Creating a bar atmosphere

Great bar design creates atmosphereUnless you have experience in interior bar design yourself, the best way to make sure your bar will end up with the look and feel you desire is to engage the services of a professional interior designer. They will be able to turn your vision for your bar into reality, whether that vision is the hippest joint in town for young professionals, or a traditional, cosy English pub. Interior designers have to be paid for of course, but they are an excellent investment, particularly in comparison to other types of bar marketing and promotion.

The loyalty factor

At the end of the day, people return to a bar again and again because they enjoy being there. They like the drinks, their fellow customers and staff, the service, and the way that being in the bar makes them feel.

The very best strategy for bar promotion is thus to create a bar with that kind of genuine ambiance and true appeal. When great design is used in a bar, it will endure for a considerably longer period of time than any one-off promotional offers or happy hours. This makes it a very smart use of time and money to engage a professional interior designer: you’ll want to end up with the type of bar that people enjoy coming back to on a regular basis.

The customer should always be the single most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to the design of a bar. Bar owners and designers need to make sure that their focus is on how they will be able to attract customers, and then provide them with such an amazing and comfortable experience that they will be keen to repeat it frequently, for many years to come.

Motivate your bar staff

Simple ways how to motivate your bar staff

A continuous revolving door of ever-changing employees can cause havoc in a bar in terms of sales, and that is not including the increasing hard and soft costs generated by a continual turnover of team members. The good news, however, is that there are ways to motivate your bar staff that not only increase productivity but will also enable the retention of staff for much longer periods of time.


Flawless execution should be the end goal of every single shift, every single day. This mentality needs to come from the top down, with consistent management involvement and an exceptional attitude toward further training. Believing that there is no such thing as a status quo and that there is always room for improvement in everything, results in incremental changes. These may seem imperceptible at the time, but slowly add up to a much better quality of service and substantial long-term changes. These result in a highly motivated workforce, without the need for potentially alienating, sudden, radical overhauls.


Team members need to be given enough stake that they not only feel they are one of the team, but also that when opportunities arise, they can also be involved with providing solutions. The management needs to be able to lay down guidelines on how bar staff can achieve that experience, without losing authority.


Choosing, training and retaining staff are the most crucial factors in the whole of the hospitality industry. Trainers are of paramount importance and must maintain the highest level of integrity in order to ensure bar staff are trained in the same way. Panic hiring results in panic training, so take the steps that are needed to ensure the consistent following of a training schedule. This is likely to be a new employee’s one chance to learn things in the correct manner.


The use of specific incentives at particular times can ensure that staff members are kept focused on particular goals. There is no need to go overboard with such incentives, but bar staff should be challenged, using tactics that are connected to strategy, with measurable results.

Design and cleanliness

Thoughtful workplace bar design is a powerful tool for getting the best out of employees. Comfortable ambient conditions that include a controlled temperature, access to daylight and natural views all help. The coordination of colours, a constant eye on health and safety standards, and a bar that’s always kept clean, will challenge bar staff to maintain a high standard and further encourage teamwork.

Bar design trends for 2017

Bar design trends for 2017

New bar design trends for 2017

The major inspirations for new bar design trends in 2017 look set to be wellbeing, sociability, entertainment and theatrical escapism. A design revolution has already been taking place in hotels and restaurants, and bars are not far behind, according to many who work in the exciting world of design. Bars are not just a place where people go to drink, they are a place where people head to meet others and live their lives. One of the most important long term trends in the hospitality industry is the development of theatre, with people demanding more entertainment and interest.


Furniture inspired by the design of the 1960s and 1970s has been rising in popularity, and is expected to become even more prevalent over the course of the next twelve months. The use of furniture inspired by retro designs, in spaces that have an otherwise contemporary feel to them (such as modern bars) provides a vintage twist to a modern and unique look.

Neutral tones

The world of fashion is currently being taken over by neutral tones, and interior designers are expected to follow the trend in 2017. Palettes inspired by an outdoors feel, and influenced by organic materials like wood, marble, copper and clay, are expected to become increasingly popular, particularly when it comes to important fixtures and fittings in the hospitality industry – including bars. Velvet, tweed and leather chairs and sofas, as well as reclaimed wooden tables, will be more and more prominent.


Metallic tones such as brass are becoming more and more prominent in interiors at the moment. Although such tones traditionally evoke memories of the Victorian era all the way through to the early 1920s, there has been a rise in mill conversions recently in hotels, restaurants and bars. More and more business owners in the hospitality industry are expecting to see this trend incorporated within their venues. It can be easy to go over the top with the use of metallic tones, so incorporating the look in more subtle and finer touches such as studs, fixtures, stitching, and chair and table legs is the best way to go.


Finally, a timeless finish that will always be popular. Monochrome is remarkably versatile, either for traditional bars or modern hotels, and is expected to continue to maintain its popularity in the hospitality industry in 2017. Black and white furniture in particular is a trend that’s likely to grow over the course of the coming year.

Essentials for Hotels

Essentials for Hotels

Essentials for hotels – What every hotel should offer its customers.

Every good hotel aspires to be the best of its class. If you are attempting to create a top hotel then you will want to read over this list of essentials for hotels and their owners. You want to make sure that you can check off most of this list if you want to keep your hotel on top of the highly sought after “places to stay” lists. Some of these things seem basic, but a surprising number of hotels cannot provide them – much to the frustration of their clientele.

First on the list are power outlets by the bed. It seems like this should be standard, but in many cases it is not. In some twin rooms, one bed may offer an outlet while the other does not, which can also be frustrating. In a world where mobile phones are the centre of everyone’s universe, an outlet to charge it near the bed should be a given.

Next on the list is storage, which seems like an odd request for a hotel that should be able and willing to work with the needs of travellers. Many people love to unpack just a little during a stay, but hangers that do not come off the clothes rail can make this task harder. Sometimes there isn’t even a suitable place to put clothes or shoes, and the bathroom may lack space for personal toiletries, which many guests will find irritating.

When it comes to the comfort of guests, you’d think that some hotels could take a few additional steps, such as offering extra towels and free Wi-Fi. It seems odd in this day and age that wired internet can be free in some hotels, whereas you have to pay for Wi-Fi, but it is true in many establishments, and it’s extremely annoying for most guests.

Another basic comfort item is blackout curtains. People who travel often have jet lag and other sleep issues. With this in mind, blackout curtains are very logical and a much better choice than the sheer curtains that seem to be a fixture in many rooms.

Finally, hotels should consider placing a safety deposit box in all guest rooms, instead of just offering to place sensitive documents in a safe near the lobby. Some things that guests may need on a regular basis, such as a passport, are often preferred close to their person. A safety deposit box is a small thing that can help your guests feel better while they are out of their room.

If you are looking to redesign your hotel, get in touch with the Intec Design team so you are guided through the process smoothly and you don’t miss any essentials.

Great Bar Design

Great Bar Design

Top 10 tips for a great bar design

When putting together a great bar design it is vital that you keep a few things in mind. Trendy bar design can be the difference between a bar that is a big hit, and one that is barely turning a profit each month. Here are ten things you should consider when creating your bar design.

Open and Welcoming

First of all, you want a bar that is open and welcoming to your guests. You want them to feel like they’re invited so that they will venture in through the doors the first time – and then return for a second.

Unique Niche

When scheming up design plans for your bar you want to make sure that you come up with a niche theme. Something that is unique to you so that you stand out from other competitors. Sometimes a simple, personal idea is all it takes but avoid the temptation to go cheesy.

Modern and Sleek

If you want to seem like a forward-thinking bar that will attract young professionals, then you may want to go with a modern and sleek décor theme. Blacks and whites are timeless and almost never fail.

Comfy and Historic

On the other hand, if you are going for a more hipster vibe then you may want to stick to wood, and historical building space that is accented by your design. Rustic themes are a great way to create a cosy pub atmosphere.

Incorporate Menus into Design

If you can, try to make your menus tie in decoratively with the theme of your bar design. It seems like a small detail, but it is one that most people will remember. Just close your eyes and think of your favourite restaurant – then you can probably see what we mean!

Accessible Bar Spaces

Everyone has been to a bar where you have to pack in around a limited space that seems buried into the corner of the room. Consider an island bar to open up the space, and allow people some room to breathe while getting their drinks.

Open Seating Plans

When it comes to the layout of your bar, you want to make sure that there are plenty of accessible bar spaces. Open floor plans that have scattered tables with bar stools tend to work better than the alternatives.

Open Air Seating

If you can swing an outdoor seating area in a garden or on the rooftop you will instantly score points with most bar patrons. There is something about a pint under the stars that just feels right!

Clean and Modern Bathrooms

Some bars are let down very badly by their facilities, but just offering clean modern bathrooms can be enough to have your bar design noted by patrons, who’ll be more likely to make it a regular stop.

Stage Space

Finally, consider allowing room for a stage, even if there aren’t plans for live performances. A stage simply makes a bar feel trendier, and it leaves room for future events.

If you would like to talk to us about your project get in touch with the team

Best bars dublin

Best Bars Dublin

Best Bars Dublin – A selection of some of the most popular bars in Dublin

You can’t visit Dublin without paying a trip to at least a few bars, but you want to make sure that you choose the best in town. The following is a quick guide, to make sure that the bars you head to allow you to sample the true spirit of the Irish capital city. Here are just a few of the many places you should stop for a quick pint (or two).

First on the list is The Palace Bar, found on Fleet Street on the west side. This is a great stop for a pint during the daytime, because they are seldom crowded and have a large selection of Irish craft beers. They also have a fair amount of whiskeys, including their own unique brand. However, during the evening, it’s crowded, so you may want to grab a pint elsewhere.

The Long Hall is a cosy pub located on South Great George’s Street that has some crazy tile floors, and a back bar that almost appears to be constructed out of disco balls. Don’t let the glitter fool you, this is a great pub for a few drinks, and the overall ambience is nothing short of merry and spirited. It doesn’t open until 4pm, and can be quite busy on the weekends, but it’s worth visiting for the experience.

For a great Guinness, head over to Bowe’s, also found on Fleet Street, but on the east side. Believe it or not, the Guinness is even better here than at the brewery, and the staff are known for being fun and quirky. Stop in on a Sunday night and treat yourself to acoustic traditional music, while poring over a range of more than 100 whiskeys and quite a few craft beers.

Over on Baggot Street is another great pub known as Toner’s. The bar likes to consider itself a Museum Bar, and serves some great pints over the weekend. It’s full of locals that will allow you to have a more authentic experience than any at Temple Bar in the city. The fairly new beer garden is a good spot when Toner’s is full inside.

Finally, rounding out the list is The Dawson Lounge situated on Dawson Street. This is known as the smallest pub in Dublin, and it truly is, as it only sits 32 people. If you happen to be one of them, you will get the chance to fraternise with a great bartender, and locals that really know their way around a tap!

One thing all these bars have in common is great bar design, talk to our team today to see how we can you create the perfect bar design.

Best Dublin Hotels

Best Dublin Hotels

Selection of The Best Dublin Hotels

Dublin is the ideal place to stay for those who want to explore Ireland, but it is also a grand place to choose a hotel. From Victorian to luxury, there is a hotel that matches everyone’s needs in Dublin. Here are just a few of the most impressive choices, if you want to make your visit to Dublin a real holiday adventure.

First up on the list is InterContinental Dublin, which has the feel of an old gentlemen’s club from the moment you walk in the door. The hotel design décor is sleek wood mixed with leather chairs and granite finishes. The service at the hotel is splendid, and it is only a short ten-minute drive from Dublin city centre, allowing you to access the city without staying right in its heart and dealing with the traffic. Couples that want to be pampered, and business travellers that want the best facilities, will enjoy a stay.

Next on the list is a slightly more feminine choice, the Ariel House, located next to the Aviva Stadium. The Ariel House offers a much more personal and cosy stay in Victorian townhouses. The hotel itself is quite charming, with greens and creams filling the rooms and fresh cut flowers everywhere you turn. However, it is economical, and practical, given it is across the street from Herbert Park, and the DART station is right down the road.

O’Callaghan Stephen’s Green Hotel looks like it is straight out of a style magazine. Chances are it has been featured in quite a few, because its rustic interior décor, stylish fireplaces, and stunning room service make it one of the top rated in the city. It offers its guests the best of contemporary design mixed in with Georgian architecture and is located right next to the Iveagh Gardens. Grafton Street is just a minute’s walk away and there are plenty of public rooms for socialising. Plus, there is a bar on site that offers food all day, making it the perfect place to meet up, entertain, and retire to after a long day in Dublin.

Rounding out the list is the Merrion Hotel which is a piece of luxury, preserved carefully and mixed with Irish history. The drawing rooms certainly mark the period of the hotel, with turf fires and plenty of authentic Irish artworks. In fact, the Merrion Hotel boasts the largest collection of private art in the country. The rear offers gardens composed of manicured greens and fountains, making an outdoor stroll one of the best parts of the stay. Of course, visitors are not disappointed when they get to their rooms, which are as ornate as the public areas!

Something different!!!

If you are wanting to discover the true Ireland in all it’s beauty and still be close to Dublin, then why not stay in Carlingford Heights. Located the hills of Carlingford and just an hour and a half from Dublin this luxury property will make you feel extremely relaxed during your visit to Ireland while also making it easy to get to Belfast or Dublin.

Pub design essentials

Pub Design Essentials

Pub design essentials in Ireland

Building a pub can be a difficult project, especially if you do not yet have a clear vision for your establishment. This is especially true in Ireland where pub culture is an essential part of daily life. However, it is not an impossible task, especially if you are creative and motivated. By staying on top of the trending pub design essentials, you can create a pub that will be trending soon itself. Of course, you can also hire a design firm to help you create a vision for your pub that will succeed in your region in Ireland, but even then it is helpful to have a few of the basics down so you can add your own input into the project.

There are a few things that you should make sure to incorporate into any pub design, and some things that are going to be personal preferences. For example, before starting your design you need to decide if you want to replicate the cosy local feel of a pub, or go for the trendy, sleek, modern look. Obviously, you will be attracting a different crowd with these two very different pub ambiences. Therefore, you need to decide which way to go based on your target audience. Trying to appeal to both is usually a recipe for failure, and will make it harder to pull together a theme.

Creating Uniqueness

Speaking of a theme, the best pubs in Ireland often have some type of theme or concept to them. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, it could be as simple as a favourite football team or as niche as being the only pub that has bartenders on roller skates. You just need something that people will use to reference your pub to make you stand out from the crowd, and having some type of shtick will help you do this. Plus, it will ensure you don’t just become ‘that pub down the road from another pub’.

Finally, you need to think about the overall layout of your pub, to make it cosy but also accessible. The location of the bar is one of the most important factors that goes into the layout of the pub. Ideally it should offer immediate access to the kitchen, but also immediate access to guests. From there, you can work your way outwards, as you decide on benches, stools, tables, and more to fill out the rest of the pub.

Great Hotel Design

Great Hotel Design

Keys to great hotel design

Decorating your hotel so that it looks like a five-star luxury resort is not as tough a task as it may sound, even if your budget may not be as large as you would like. If you want to emulate some of the best-known hotels in the world, then you are going to need to know some of the keys to great hotel design. The following are just a few things you can do to really turn the look of a room around.

First of all, if you want to capture the high-end ambience radiated by a boutique hotel, then simply work on creating a scheme of accessories. Your aim should be to choose at least three items that will offer three distinct textures within the room. One sleek, one plush, and one natural is a great way to start. For example, you can grab a cashmere throw and a Lucite tray to cultivate the look.

Spatial Illusions

Second, you can make the most of small spaces by bringing some drama to them, and having a bit of fun with them. For example, a smaller bathroom can instantly gain some character by wallpapering the top half of it with a design that features vertical patterns. The vertical patterns will help make the ceilings look larger in the room, and if you choose muted shades you get a dramatic look that is not overwhelming or too busy.

A simpler way to cast a new light on the room is literally to cast a ‘different light’ on the room. You can do this by upgrading the lampshades that are next to the bed. Try lining lampshades with elegant fabrics such as pink silk, so the light that shines out of them will be soft and warm, creating a glow in the room.


If space is still an issue then you may want to think about buying a few novelty mirrors that are large enough for the main rooms of the hotel. Mirrored side tables and dressers are actually becoming trendier, and they are a great way to make rooms look larger. Side tables with legs, instead of bulky cube shapes, will also help to add the illusion of space in the rooms.

Buying the correct beds for your hotel gives clients the sense of quality and luxury. Every customer that visits your hotel will be happy after a good nights sleep and are more likely to return or recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Finally, if you are still short on space, instead of sweating over the perfect artwork, create art out of elements that you already need in a room, such as lighting pieces and fixtures. Pendant lighting is a great way to brighten a room, and if you use cool sculptural bases you add a fun aesthetic while upgrading your lighting.