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What constitutes great hotel design can vary from one company and individual to another, but when you see the finished product, that’s when you can really say this is a great and original design. Good designers work closely with the client, teasing out their personal story and their future plans for the hotel.

The Irish are famous for their love of a good story, so it follows that the best hotel design in Ireland focuses on the kind of story the proprietors want to express. Designs can be modern, traditional Irish, or boutique style, and each type of design will focus on the client’s notion of story. The story can be what the client wants to say about their own vision of how they want the hotel to look. Many clients want something that focuses on the area’s history and its design influence, or a mix of traditional and modern.

Working with the Client

A good design team will work with the client, taking their basic idea and putting a new, and original spin, on that vision. Design might include ideas that focus on the history and distinct features of the building. Combining the traditional hotel feel with modern comforts and influences that sync with the client’s story, is what the designer is aiming for. Clients may require certain features or a particular colour scheme; the designer’s job is to bring the client’s dream to fruition in ways that they may not have previously considered.


The client may have a very precise idea of what they want; the designer’s job in these cases is to find things that will enhance the central concept. Getting the idea right, and fully focused, can take time as ideas about colour, furnishings, and space start to come together. If the hotel is in an historic part of Ireland, for example Dublin or Cork, then ideas may centre on a fusion of traditional and modern. Top designers will focus on coming up with the best possible ideas that are in line with the client’s original vision.

Design Ethic

Designers work closely with their client, whether they are working on a big city project or a small boutique hotel. Good designers will make suggestions about colour and style, while at the same time incorporating what the client actually wants. Top designers will advise, while at the same time recognising that the client regards the project as his or her baby. Designing top hotels in Ireland needs a thorough understanding of the country and its history. At the same time, top designers aim to provide a unique slant on each project, along with 21st century expectations of comfort and style.