Bar design trends for 2017

New bar design trends for 2017

The major inspirations for new bar design trends in 2017 look set to be wellbeing, sociability, entertainment and theatrical escapism. A design revolution has already been taking place in hotels and restaurants, and bars are not far behind, according to many who work in the exciting world of design. Bars are not just a place where people go to drink, they are a place where people head to meet others and live their lives. One of the most important long term trends in the hospitality industry is the development of theatre, with people demanding more entertainment and interest.


Furniture inspired by the design of the 1960s and 1970s has been rising in popularity, and is expected to become even more prevalent over the course of the next twelve months. The use of furniture inspired by retro designs, in spaces that have an otherwise contemporary feel to them (such as modern bars) provides a vintage twist to a modern and unique look.

Neutral tones

The world of fashion is currently being taken over by neutral tones, and interior designers are expected to follow the trend in 2017. Palettes inspired by an outdoors feel, and influenced by organic materials like wood, marble, copper and clay, are expected to become increasingly popular, particularly when it comes to important fixtures and fittings in the hospitality industry – including bars. Velvet, tweed and leather chairs and sofas, as well as reclaimed wooden tables, will be more and more prominent.


Metallic tones such as brass are becoming more and more prominent in interiors at the moment. Although such tones traditionally evoke memories of the Victorian era all the way through to the early 1920s, there has been a rise in mill conversions recently in hotels, restaurants and bars. More and more business owners in the hospitality industry are expecting to see this trend incorporated within their venues. It can be easy to go over the top with the use of metallic tones, so incorporating the look in more subtle and finer touches such as studs, fixtures, stitching, and chair and table legs is the best way to go.


Finally, a timeless finish that will always be popular. Monochrome is remarkably versatile, either for traditional bars or modern hotels, and is expected to continue to maintain its popularity in the hospitality industry in 2017. Black and white furniture in particular is a trend that’s likely to grow over the course of the coming year.